Patents are the most complex area of intellectual property protection, and patent registration can be a time consuming and costly process, making it essential to obtain good advice from the outset.

A patent gives the owner the right to exclusively use an invention, and license or prevent others from doing so in a country in which a patent is registered.

Patent rights can last for up to 20 years, but it can take many years to register a patent.

As with other forms of registered intellectual property, patents can be registered in a single country or across multiple countries depending on the requirements of the owner.

Patents must embody an idea that has not previously been known, and must be capable of industrial application. Patents must therefore be capable of working, and one cannot register a patent for a fanciful idea such as time travel – unless of course you really have worked out how to do it.

We work closely with patent agents around the world to register and enforce patents both nationally and internationally.