Recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection

Employment rights can protect not only current employees, but also potential employees in certain situations. Recruitment policy is a key area for employers to get right, as not only is it vital to employ the best person for the job, it is vital for employers to take steps to help ensure that the recruitment process does not leave them open to claims of discrimination.

As a business, you should be aware that unlawful discrimination may occur where (because of a protected characteristic) the organisation discriminates against an applicant either in the arrangements it makes for deciding on the successful applicant, in respect of the terms on which it offers the role, or by not offering a particular applicant employment.

Our employment lawyers draw on many years of experience to advise employers on avoiding the pitfalls which can arise during the recruitment process.

If you require assistance or any additional information on legal recruitment issues please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our expertise

  • Drafting an up-to-date recruitment and selection policy, which can be utilised by interviewers. Employers should ensure that managers are suitably trained in recruitment and are aware of the potential consequences should they deviate from agreed procedures
  • Producing job adverts that comply with the Equality Act 2010
  • Advising as to the necessity of making “reasonable adjustments” in cases of a disability in relation to carrying out the ordinary functions of a job