Family leave rights

Family leave rights

The law on family leave, maternity, paternity and adoption rights can be complex, and as such it can be easy for employers and employees to make a mistake.

Having a child is an exciting time but it can also raise a wide range of workforce issues, including:

  • Ensuring you are safe at work during pregnancy – your employer is under a duty to carry out a risk assessment once you have given them written notification of the pregnancy
  • Allowing time off to attend appointments
  • Unpaid/emergency leave
  • Pay and benefits
  • Your role and working hours when you return after a period of leave

Employees are afforded various family-friendly rights and entitlements, but we understand that this is not a time when you want or expect to enter into disputes with your employer about your maternity leave.

Unfortunately, some people do suffer from discrimination on the grounds of their maternity/paternity rights. This can include:

  • Refused requests for flexible working. You have the right to apply to change working patterns
  • Redundancy when you are selected as a result of pregnancy
  • Failure to carry out the risk assessment
  • Being sidelined due to a pregnancy
  • Restructuring whilst you are on family leave.

If you believe that your rights are being breached, or you simply want more information about your rights, we can help you. Our specialist employment team has vast experience of successfully acting for employees in enforcing their maternity and parental leave rights.