Acquisitions & Disposals

We work with nationally recognised shops, restaurants, coffee houses and bars on their property acquisitions. Whilst the nature of the businesses varies, the ultimate goal of each is to secure occupation of their premises as quickly as possible. We support our clients from an early stage in the transaction to make sure this happens.

Shopping centre units

Sherrards secures retail space for clients in well-known shopping centres. We go out of our way to develop strong relationships with the landlord and have an in-depth understanding of the practical applications of the documents and how the centres are managed. This approach combines our legal expertise with practical know-how. We are well acquainted with complex service charge arrangements and concepts such as turnover rent.

High street units

Many of our clients take retail space in desirable high street locations with the need for planning permission for change of use and/or initial tenant works to the premises. This often means a conditional agreement for lease, which requires careful drafting and negotiation. Often specific rights must be procured from the landlord to enable the premises to be fully operational. Identifying and then addressing these specific business needs is key to the project’s success.

When our clients want to dispose of premises they are letting, we work proactively to secure either an agreed surrender of the lease back to the landlord or an assignment or the grant of an underlease to a third party.

Experience includes

Working with Muffin Break on the acquisition of the targeted premises as part of their strategic expansion programme securing the occupation of premises, including both the acquisition of new leases and the procuring of continuing occupation of existing premises by way of renewal/reversionary leases. We have also acted on the relocation of premises within a desirable shopping centre and have assisted with the disposal of premises and the exercise of a break options.