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Sustainable building makes sense, financially too

Construction costs will fall if companies build in a sustainable way was one of the key messages to emerge from the recent Real Estate Around London seminar held at the iconic BRE Innovation Park in Watford, the world’s first building science centre.

The BRE Innovation Park is itself home to sustainable buildings made from innovative low carbon materials. The park demonstrates the future of low to zero carbon communities.

Dr Peter Bonfield explains the benefits of green construction

Dr Peter Bonfield explains the benefits of green construction

The guest speaker at our latest free event for Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire property and development professionals was Dr Peter Bonfield, OBE, who gave a fascinating insight into the benefits of green construction and the impact on real estate.  Peter explained that not only do sustainably built homes help the environment, but they are also cheaper to run and to maintain, bringing down the cost of living.

Peter has managed a number of key initiatives in the areas of new build and existing housing, as well as in public and commercial sector buildings.  He was also part of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) that played an important part in ensuring that, among other things, the significant quantities of materials required to construct the games were procured in a sustainable way. As we all know, the games were a huge success and amazingly, came in under budget, partly as a result of the sustainable approach. Many of the new buildings were completed a year before the games opened. And all of the green targets were met.

Peter also gave an eye-opening insight into safety and sustainability in Brazil and China versus Britain in the construction sector.

“We were delighted with the turnout at the event which we run with WMT and Lambert Smith Hampton, and the high-quality insights provided by Peter made for a very worthwhile property forum,” commented Alasdair McMillin, Sherrards’ Managing Partner.

“We invite property professionals from across the Home Counties and London to attend the next event which we will be holding in the Autumn. It is a very good opportunity to network with others in the sector and to meet with our commercial property solicitors.”

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