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Interested in buy to let? Look no further

Sherrards teamed up with Rouse Partners, Whiteoak finance and Home Fusion last week to host a Buy to Let master class at Buckinghamshire Golf Club. Expert speakers Mark Peters (Sherrards), Oscar Wingham (Rouse Partners), Sam Farmer (Whiteoak Finance) and Nicholas Ayre (Home Fusion) explained all there is to know, whether an experienced or first time investor. It is exactly 18 years since the first specifically designed buy to let mortgages were offered by the lenders in the UK. In this time the number of buy to let investors has grown to over 2 million today and created a property market worth over £1 trillion.

The seminar kicked off with ‘getting into buy to let’, Sam Farmer illustrated how to get lenders on side and explained the different types of mortgages. Mark Peters then navigated us through the legal pitfalls and provided a personal insight into becoming a landlord, whilst Oscar Wingham outlined the personal tax implications.  Nicholas Ayre provided a snap shot of the current London buy to let market along with the impact of foreign investors, and to finish Sam Farmer and Oscar Wingham explained how to grow your portfolio and maximise your returns.

 Mark Peters navigated us through the legal pitfalls when investing in buy to let as well as some top tips for landlords.

Mark Peters navigated through the legal pitfalls when investing in buy to let and provided top tips for landlords.

A well established landlord in his own right, Mark Peters shared his top tip when investing in buy to let and becoming a landlord: “I think buy to let is a great means of investment. The notion of getting involved in property is good – you can touch and feel it and it can’t go bust like a bank! One of the key things any buy to let investor should do before entering the market is vet your tenants and meet with them. Agents can do a certain amount – they can sort out references and do credit checks etc, but there’s no substitute for actually sitting down and talking to somebody. That way you can get the measure of them, are they the sort of person that is going to pay you rent? Are they the sort of person who is going to trash your property? Or do they look like the sort of people who are going to be great tenants? Interestingly enough, after talking with a few people at the seminar, one or two buy to let investors said they do just that – they always meet the tenants before they will enter into a tenancy”.

Each of our speakers has given an overview of their presentations along with valuable advice. Click the video below for more!

If you are interested in buy to let, please contact Mark Peters or visit Sherrards‘ website. If you would like to be informed of any similar up and coming seminars and events, please contact Melissa.

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