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How to get bankers to say ‘yes’ to your real estate funding request

Our latest REAL (Real Estate Around London) in association with WMT accountants and LSH welcomed guest speaker John Gillen, Director of Natwest Real Estate Finance. REAL (Real Estate Around London) is a commercial property networking seminar aimed at professionals in the Herts, Beds and Bucks area and offers a forum for those in the sector to gain valuable information and advice from a local expert. Out latest seminar had over 50 attendees who gained us at Aldwickbury Golf club in Harpenden to hear John explain  ‘How to get bankers to say ‘yes’ to your real estate funding request’.

John Gillen, Natwest guest speaker at REAL.


Key Takeways:

John explained there are three vital questions you should always ask your bank manager when trying to obtain funding

1. To what degree do you think you understand my business strategy and the risks that concern me in achieving this strategy?

2. How much will you lend me to support my business strategy now and in the future, and how can you help me manage the risks that concern me?

3. How experienced are you (my Relationship Manager) and what is your bank’s real estate finance Risk Appetite and real estate strategy?

It is imperative you trust your bank manager and understand your banks risk appetite as well and your own. A team of trusted advisors and Solicitors will also be able to help and advise on your business strategy in order to help grow your business.

For any legal advice please contact Sherrards Commercial Property department for more information.

Click here for a copy of Natwest UK Real Estate Digest.

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