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Sherrards to participate in Expatriate Management’s EMEA panel at Global Mobility Summit in London

The Sherrards team will join forces in London from 8-9 November with 10 member firms from Alliott Group, the firm’s international alliance, to present an expert insight panel on the tax, immigration, employment and legal compliance issues that need to be tackled when transferring an employee to a different jurisdiction. The forum for Expatriate Management’s EMEA Global Mobility Summit is one of Europe’s leading conferences for global mobility and HR directors responsible for managing regional and global expatriate programmes.

Over two days, approximately 400 delegates will exchange information with their peers and with leading vendors to the fast-growing global mobility sector on topics including tax, laws and regulations, immigration, compensation and benefits, technology, talent management, finance and payroll.

Mark Fellows, head of employment; Laura Butcher, immigration consultant; Geraldine Fabre, head of french team and Brexit specialist; Alasdair McMillin, managing partner; and Paul Marmor, head of international services, joined international Alliott Group colleagues from nine countries across the EMEA, Australasia and North America regions to form the multidisciplinary global team which will present an expert panel session. The team’s tax, immigration, employment and legal experts will explain how clients can, with the technical and advisory support of a collaborative international alliance of medium sized firms, conquer the compliance ‘kraken’ that lurks beneath the surface of many international assignments.

Mark Fellows comments, “Transferring executives across geographic borders for any duration involves numerous compliance issues. Regional and global mobility programmes need to be designed skillfully to optimise remuneration structures and other related costs and to mitigate risk. As members of a multi-skilled team of cross border professional advisers, our team are at the conference to demonstrate how the tangled tentacles of this ‘kraken’ can be grappled with and tied up successfully so that the corporate ship doesn’t sink.”

Laura Butcher, immigration specialist, says “A 2018 benchmarking study titled ‘Managing the Global Mobility Function’ (published by the Forum for Expatriate Management and co-sponsored by Alliott Group) reveals that the management of business travel and increasingly complex immigration regulations take up an increasing amount of global mobility professionals’ time and attention.”

Geraldine Fabre adds, “The growing complexity of tax, legal and immigration issues can be overwhelming for any business operating across borders – many companies do not have sufficient in-house resource to manage the global mobility case load in the most strategically effective way.”  Alasdair McMillin agrees: “As members of Alliott Group, we can offer local clients who are in this position a 360 degree outsourced compliance and advisory solution which can extend to 165 cities across 63 countries worldwide whenever needed.”

About Alliott Group/Global Mobility

Paul Marmor observes,  “Alliott Group/Global Mobility is brilliant  bringing  together carefully selected, medium sized tax, immigration and legal services providers in 165 cities across 63 countries worldwide. Member firms serve organisations of all sizes, from fast-growing start-ups to multinational groups.

Global Mobility Professionals managing mobility programmes in the EMEA, Americas, APAC and Australasian regions can count on the expertise, efficiency and collaborative approach provided by Alliott Group/Global Mobility member experts, many of whom have backgrounds working for the big global consulting firms. Outsourcing tax and legal compliance and advisory services to Alliott Group/Global Mobility members adds specialist technical expertise and greater efficiency to the global mobility function. It will also bring peace of mind, enabling global mobility and HR directors to focus on the ‘bigger picture’ strategic issues related to managing an international workforce.

For more information visit Alliott group website or email Paul Marmor.