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Hardwicke Annual Franchising Conference provides insights into legal landscape in 2015

The Hardwicke Chambers Annual Franchising Conference, now in its ninth year, attracted approximately 60 attendees from a range of law firms including Sherrards Solicitors, Hamilton Pratt and Owen White Solicitors, as well as franchisors from a variety of businesses.
Sherrards Solicitors were delighted to be invited once again to speak at a conference that is focussed on franchising and which has become a regular fixture on the franchising law calendar.
Chaired by Brie Stevens-Hoare QC of Hardwicke Chambers, the conference creates an opportunity for reflection about current issues and lively discussions about what is to come in franchising law and other areas of the law.
Sherrards Solicitors’ Barney Laurence, Senior Associate, presented with Brie Stevens-Hoare QC on how franchisors go about securing contracts and client monies when a franchise agreement comes to an end. This session placed particular focus on a High Court case Sherrards was involved in earlier this year concerning the securing of hundreds of thousands of pounds from a former franchisee and the obtaining of a freezing injunction in the High Court.
Manzoor Ishani, Senior Consultant Solicitor at Sherrards Solicitors, presented a session on the legal and commercial pitfalls of international franchising, exploring how franchising does or does not work around the world and what to look out for if a franchisor is considering establishing its franchise business overseas.
Other speakers including PJ Kirby QC, Nigel Jones QC, Paul Strelitz, Ebony Alleyne and John Pratt covered issues related to the Equality Act and the targeting of female franchisees, the enforcement of restrictive covenants, the pros and cons of arbitration and litigation, fairness in franchising, responsibility for the franchise network, and the multi brand franchisor’s duties and freedoms.