Brexit: How we can help you

The UK voted to leave the European Union. Whether you are a business owner, manager or private individual, Brexit will have an impact on you. What can you do to prepare?

Sherrards Solicitors are here to help you navigate the legal and practical implications of Brexit and provide legal advice and strategies on how to work with our European friends going forward.

Our services for business include:

  • Preparing for Brexit as a business whether you are located in the UK or in Europe
  • Relocation and group re-organisation
  • Human resources
  • Investment in the UK and the EU
  • Managing your intellectual property rights in the UK and in Europe
  • Managing data across jurisdiction
  • Dealing with cross border insolvency
  • Dealing with litigation going forward.

Our services for individuals include:

  • Immigration with the assistance of our external immigration specialists
  • Assisting with wills in the UK and in Europe.
  • Relocation, dismissal and redundancies
  • Assisting with the purchase of properties in the UK and in France

We also work closely with immigration and taxation specialists to provide you with a 360 approach to the issues relating to Brexit.

You or your business do not have to deal with Brexit alone.  Please contact us for an initial 30 minutes consultation, free of charge.

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