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Safe hands around the world for our clients

Sherrards is part of Alliott Group Legal, which is an international alliance of law firms around the world. In this video, in my capacity as chair of the group, I am discussing the benefits of membership for Sherrards and other law firms who might be interested in getting on board.

As I explain in the video, the benefits of being part of an alliance come in lots of different ways. Receiving inbound work is brilliant, and makes all the time and energy that Sherrards put into the group worthwhile. But it’s not just about receiving work. It’s also about being able to place work with peace of mind, across the globe.

Opening doors for our clients internationally

In this day and age, our clients, contacts and friends of the firm are increasingly coming to us for assistance in opening doors overseas, as businesses look for export opportunities, or wish to acquire property and assets elsewhere, or indeed to hand-hold incoming businesses arriving in the UK who need to put in place bankers, financial advisors, etc. They may wish to set up favourable tax arrangements abroad, such as in Luxembourg, the Channel Islands or Switzerland, and having members in these locations is invaluable.

Exchanging knowledge

As I explain in the video, other benefits of membership include exchanging know-how, which comes in many forms. Obviously, there is technical know-how, and it is great be able to get first-hand information on, for example, labour/employment laws in multiple jurisdictions, so that we can advise a client looking to expand its operations abroad.

But we also exchange ideas on marketing, PR and management practices too. To have a forum in which we can talk freely to our peers about issues such as recruitment or retention of staff is really helpful.

Part of the bigger international picture

Being part of an international alliance is just one element of Sherrards’ international persona, because we are also plugged into the two most prestigious international legal associations: the International Bar Association and the American Bar Association, which means that we have all the bases covered.

Our work with the International Division of the Law Society and UK Trade & Investment also means that we are very well-placed, but there is no doubt that being at the heart of an alliance like Alliott Group is a great starting-point.

If we can help you in any way with your international plans, please do get in touch.

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