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Quick heads up on employment law changes in May 2014

To make sure you keep on the right side of the law, and avoid unnecessary claims, this is a reminder of some changes that are taking place in employment law in May 2014:

TUPE Transfers
For any TUPE transfers taking place on or after 1st May, the transferor (i.e. the outgoing employer) will need to provide employee liability information about transferring employees to the transferee (incoming employer) no later than 28 days before the transfer (previously, it was 14 days).

Remember that failure to provide the required employee liability information could cost you at least £500 per employee, which soon adds up!

Early Conciliation
From Tuesday, it will be compulsory for Claimants to notify ACAS of an intended claim before presenting the claim to the Employment Tribunal.

If you are contacted by ACAS, you should take this seriously as you may lose out on an early opportunity to resolve any claims before they enter the formal Tribunal process.

For help on anything related to the above, or any aspect of employment law, please get in touch.

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