Corporate Social Responsibility

Every little helps… Sherrards makes donation to those in need

As part of the relocation of Sherrards’ London office, the firm has donated a significant amount of furniture and computer equipment to various local charities.

Among the charities receiving a donation is KRAN (Kent Refugee Action Network), a charitable organisation that provides help and support to asylum seekers and refugees, including minors who have arrived in the UK unaccompanied by an adult. This comes following the move of the firm’s London office to the heart of the legal district, now based at Pemberton Row EC4A.

Sherrards donated desks, chairs and computers for KRAN’s new computer room, located in their youth hub. The hub will enable the charity to provide young refugees with the computer skills needed to enhance future prospects and kick-start careers.

The charity works hard to ease the need and hardship of refugees, asylum seekers and their dependents within the Kent area – providing advice, information, education and support with the aim of advancing public education about the position of refugees and ethnic minorities.

Kim Vale, Director and Group Business Manager of SB Squared, says: ‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sherrards for their kind donation. The firm’s generosity opens up opportunities for young people, helping to maximise potential at school and at work in a time where technology lies at the forefront of success.”

The aim of the equipment donation is to provide development support for young people of all ages. The further support it will offer includes assistance in seeking employment, producing CVs, completing coursework, as well as IT skills development.

Jean-Paul da Costa, Partner at Sherrards Solicitors, says: “We are thrilled to be in the position to assist KRAN in the growth of their hub for young people. It’s a fantastic cause that is reflective of our dedication to helping the community and we look forward to seeing KRAN make great use of the furniture and equipment donation.”