Corporate Social Responsibility

We join the celebrations of ‘England’s greatest export’

Two of our senior staff, Managing Partner Alasdair McMillin and CFO Andy-Mills Baker, attended a prestigious dinner last night celebrating the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta.

They joined a select St Albans team of leading business people and Council representatives, including St Albans Mayor Councillor Geoff Harrison, to hear keynote speeches from UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and US Ambassador Matthew Barzun.

St Albans solicitors join Magna Carta celebrations

Alasdair McMillin (far right) and Andy Mills-Baker (2nd left) join local business people and US ambassador Matthew Barzun (centre), Councillor Annie Brewster (in red), Sir Robert Worcester, Chairman Magna Carta Committee (3rd from right) and Councillor Geoff Harrison (2nd from right).

Speaking at the dinner, Philip Hammond MP praised Magna Carta’s values in the modern world and its significance as a British export:
“As Foreign Secretary, I recognise the Magna Carta is a major part of Britain’s ‘brand’ as the home of democracy and the rule of law. Long may Magna Carta and its principles flourish – let us celebrate it as Britain’s gift to the world, and an unrivalled inspiration to the defence of our collective liberty.”

We were really delighted to be invited to join these important Magna Carta anniversary celebrations, and enjoyed meeting US Ambassador Matthew Barzun and learning how Magna Carta is as important to the Americans as it is to us. Indeed, the significance of Magna Carta as the foundation stone of democracy and the rule of law, not just here but around the world cannot be stressed enough. The UK’s legal system has to be our greatest export.

Further commemorative celebrations take place throughout 2015 and include a Global Law Summit in February 2015 that will bring together government, legal profession bodies and business, to showcase ‘the UK’s unrivalled legal expertise, based on a long history of freedom and justice.’ (see the Law Society Gazette article).

And to top it off, money raised from the dinner will help support work commemorating Magna Carta in 2015 including Access to Justice, who campaign to make justice more accessible to more vulnerable members of society.