Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back on a global scale

Giving back in South Africa

Too fast and too fit – having rings run around me!

Going back four years now, our international alliance Alliott Group has allocated time within its annual worldwide conference programme for all attendees to get involved in its ‘Giving Back’ project.  This year, our group visited the Tapologo Outreach Centre on the outskirts of Rustenburg in South Africa.

The centre makes a really positive contribution to the lives of orphaned children and young adults who may have lost their parents to AIDs, drugs or alcohol abuse. It provides them with company, shelter and sustenance.

Nicole entertains the children at the centre

Nicole entertains the children at the centre

As chair of Alliott Group’s legal section, I and my wife Nicole are very involved in projects such as these, and welcome the opportunity to get out of the conference hotel and to meet local people and try to make a difference, however small that may be.

While we were there, we helped decorate the centre and had the opportunity to talk with the children about how their lives compare to ours in London.  I really had little idea what to expect from my visit, but before I knew it, I found myself involved in an intense game of football with a dozen boys – for some reason they relished out-playing and dribbling past me – although I did score!

We then found ourselves dancing and singing with the a group of children aged 4-15- it was hugely enjoyable. It’s easy to be cynical about this type of corporate social responsibility initiative, but the kids enjoyed it, and so did we, and we hope we have made a difference.

As a group we have made a US$4,000 contribution to the centre so that they can build a new playground for safer play. Sherrards is making an additional £250 donation to this figure.

Above you can watch a video of our visit to the Tapologo Centre in Rustenburg, kindly prepared by Chris Jones, Marketing Director at Linkenheimer LLP, Alliott Group’s accounting member firm in Santa Rosa, California.