Corporate Social Responsibility

A vision of lycra moves towards John O’Groats

By the time you read this, I will be on the way to Penzance by train, looking forward to the first of nine nights under canvas, snoring gently with 699 other slightly bonkers cyclists, together with a supporting entourage who will feed, massage and cajole us all the way to John O Groats, some 969 miles north.

Andy Mills-Baker is riding for Rennie Grove

Andy Mills-Baker (right) with James Hickey, CEO of Alliott Group

We will set out at 7am on Saturday morning (6th September), a vision of lycra! The weather forecast looks ok, in parts, but I am sure we will see elements of all four seasons as we journey north.

Why am I doing this?

A very good question, which I have asked myself on a number of occasions as I have pedaled around Hertfordshire putting in training miles, latterly brilliantly supported by Alasdair McMillin, Sherrards’ Managing Partner.

Over three years, more than £1.2m has been raised for the British Paralympic association and other charities. James Hickey, the chief executive of our international alliance (Alliot Group) and I have already received sponsorship approaching £4,000, and we would like to raise much more for the charities that we are supporting.

We all have been touched by the devastation of cancer, both family and friends. I lost one of my oldest friends early this year and my nephew, who lives in Redbourn, is currently having chemo for lymphoma. So please help Sherrards’ chosen charity, Rennie Grove.

I am grateful to the support provided by the Sherrards partners to enable me to participate.  To donate, please click here, and to follow me on Twitter @amb49.  Remember every little helps!

Please note – since this blog post was written, Andy has successfully completed two stages of the ride, and spent last night in a bed (yes, not a tent) at the University of Bath, as part of a special treat provided by the organisers.