Sherrards Solicitors - IT and Technology
IT and Technology services include...
    • Software development and licensing
    • Systems maintenance and support
    • System outsourcing and disaster recovery
    • Software escrowing
    • Online Contracts - formation by electronic means
    • Online IP matters - terms of use, privacy policies, disclaimers and copyright protection
    • Employment issues - employee email and internet policies
    • Online payments and trading
    • Security
    • Jurisdiction and choice of law
    • Taxation
    • Online dispute settlement
    • Online contract requirements - for website development, affiliate agreements, linking and framing agreements
    • Regulatory matters - such as Distance Selling Regulations and data protection requirements
    • Domain names - protection and disputes
    • Joint ventures, subcontracting and collaborations
    • R&D and manufacturing agreements; distribution, agency and marketing agreements
    • Outsourcing and service level agreements
    • Telecoms & e-commerce pan-European regulatory issues
    • Long-term or bespoke supply agreements (products and services)
    • Parent company guarantees and finance agreements
    • IT, software and facilities agreements
    • e-trading arrangements; website content, hosting, design and support agreements
    • Content licensing, broadcasting, and image rights agreements
    • Data protection – including privacy policies and data processing agreements
    • Consultancy & services agreements

IT and Technology

The internet has opened up a new world of opportunity for business with   e-commerce offering previously untapped expansion opportunities without the need to invest in costly bricks and mortar.

But with new opportunities come new risks and a company failing to properly construct, maintain and protect a website and observe the torrent of associated legal requirements can face reputation damage, financial penalties and loss of business.

Our experienced e-commerce lawyers help clients, large and small, with every stage of their e-trading ventures, from planning and documentation, to the protection, exploitation and enforcement of IP rights in this environment.

We are on top of all the latest legal developments arising out of security, data protection, transactional mechanisms, denial of service, protection of IP, defamation and advertising and have the commercial know-how to advise on the wider strategic business issues.


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