Sherrards Solicitors - International Russia & CIS
International Russia & CIS services include...
    • Real Estate
    • Relocation support
    • Tax and Estate Planning
    • Immigration services
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Corporate Finance
    • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
    • International Arbitration
    • Information Technology
    • Intellectual Property

International Russia & CIS

London based Sherrards Solicitors’ Russia & CIS legal team is experienced in acting for UK companies looking for investment opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as dealing with foreign companies and individuals investing in or trading with the UK.  

Russia and the CIS countries are emerging as one of the world’s growing power-centres of economic development.  With a population of over 277 million including one of the fastest-developing middle classes, rich in oil, gas and other commodities, the business opportunities are ever-expanding. Much wealth in the region is being exported to the UK.

Our London legal team provides assistance to Russian and CIS business people looking at corporate, commercial, M&A and investment opportunities in the UK and, in particular, bringing over their families to take advantage of the UK’s first-class educational establishments from pre-school to college. Head of Corporate, Jean-Paul da Costa, has been operating in this area for over two decades. 

Litigation head, Paul Marmor, has first-hand experience of litigation and, in particular, arbitration in the region, depositions, debt recovery, and the enforcement of foreign judgements in the UK.

James Gordon and Nicole Marmor specialise in acting for high net worth individuals on property, trust and estate planning requirements.

Sherrards, in collaboration with the UK government’s international trade agency, Department for International Trade (DIT) has published a guide entitled Export for Growth aimed at businesses keen to exploit the opportunities available through international trade, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.

Недавно компания выиграла награду «Частный клиент Юридической фирмы 2016 года» в VV Luxury Lifestyle LLM Gala Awards, принятая Жан-Поль да Коcта (Jean-Paul da Costa)  награда от имени команды частных клиентов на церемонии награждения, состоявшейся в декабре 2015. Журнал VV опубликовал статью сделав упор на эксклюзивность роскошного образа жизни, особенно для русской общины по всему миру. Для получения более подробной информации о мероприятии, пожалуйста, посетите международный блог Sherrards.



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