Sherrards Solicitors - Automotive and Transport
Automotive and Transport services include...
    • Dealer Franchise Agreements
    • Wholesale Funding Arrangements
    • Vehicle Refinancing
    • Security Arrangements
    • Manufacturer Funding Agreements
    • Negotiation of Security Arrangements
    • Priorities between various manufacturers across multi-dealer sites
    • Acquisition and disposal of new and existing businesses
    • Commercial property transactions
    • Employment law and guidance on agency worker regulations
    • Commercial agreements
    • Dispute Resolution

Automotive and Transport

We have a strong working knowledge of both the commercial and legal issues surrounding the automotive and transportation sectors.

The automotive industry covers a broad spectrum of businesses and, having acted for both private and public companies within this sector, we are able to deal with the range of issues that arise.

We have worked with some of the largest operators in the transportation and warehousing sector. We have assisted clients with large property portfolios as well as providing a full range of commercial support services. 



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